Service Information

Evil.pm is a secure and private XMPP/jabber service that provides Privacy & Reliability.
The server which evil.pm is hosted on runs only open-source programs and is updated frequently.

If you want to learn more about XMPP/jabber, visit xmpp.org

Privacy Details

We only store information that is necessary which includes your username and passwords.
Error messages are disabled by default and will only be enabled if we encounter issues.
We use no DDoS protection to ensure no internet traffic is being logged or stored.
We force TLS on all connections. (Site & XMPP)

We do not store/log which users create invites
We do not store/log any network or browser information. This includes: User-agents, IP's, Cookies etc.

XMPP Login

If you dont have an account you purchase an invite here
Please login with your full JID and Password here to manage your account.

For help you may contact our staff: admin@evil.pm


Ensure that OMEMO is enabled in your client for client side encryption.
All messages that are not encrypted client side are stored on the server in plaintext in an encrypted volume. By enabling encryption such as OMEMO, your messages will only be able to be decrypted by verified keys. You have full control of your encryptionn and we can not read any messages that are sent with OMEMO.

We HIGHLY recommend that you use a strong password and store it somewhere safe.


We are fully ran off donations and our own personal wallet. Each donation lets us at evil know our service is being used. If we get enough donations and see that people activly support us, we will spend more money for better servers.

Donation Wallet Addresses:

BTC: bc1qjkq6kvfyad7wh6ca99l776m6nvxfp2qkhs3tpf
XMR: 42N5RvwXTAr1yYbziRB7FwgoX778sk7KeXemC3xsyd8PMgVh2KihH8d6v7Mnw6aD1gYkt9LKCycGCQEzMoxUBBAYNkEawYX

Please ensure you are private with your BTC transactions